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Sadly No Fey-Corgis: Neverwinter Update

Yes they're a (fan-made) real thing. If you have the option to play one and don't, you're basically betraying yourself and all that is good in this world. Get to it. Anyway, on the video-based games front, Perfect World send word that their first major expansion to free-to-play hay-what-this-isn't-all-that-bad-actually MMO Neverwinter has gone live. Fury of the Feywild is based on the fairytale-inspired alternate dimension that is now causing all sorts of bother for our great heroes. Trailer through the portal.

I actually played a not-insignificant amount of Neverwinter earlier this year because MMOs are a great way to turn off a troubled brain. I'd likely have played a lot longer if my aging rig could have kept up with the ever-increasing numbers of enemies and effects on screen. There's some really cool, long, hard (oo-er) boss fights to be had in its dungeons and combat was a joy compared to the non-interactive button smashing of the genre's aging veterans. Player creation tool The Forge is a marvel as well, producing much of the game's best content and providing endless variety (as well as endless attempts to break the game).

Sadly, it looks like upcoming Everquest: Next is going to overshadow this in every way. With luck, an established fanbase and differing business models will keep Neverwinter above ice but I'm not sure how much hope to hold. Still, at the very least while you wait, go have a play.

And here's a picture to make sure those of you who didn't click that first link, do:

Can you imagine if this guy was in the game? I don't think I'd ever play anything else.

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