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Watch It And Weep - Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell

If Meatloaf appears in this expandalone I will SCREAM

Say, you wouldn't fancy seeing Johnny Gat blast away with a locust gun, fly on burning wings, blow up demons in a rocket-launching motorised armchair, summon imps, mow down lost souls, and pick a fight with an archduke of Hell, would you? See, I try not to post too many trailers, but I saw this trailer showing five minutes of gameplay from the upcoming expandalone Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell and it seemed like something you might like. I'll just leave it here, shall I?

Gat Out of Hell, in case you missed the news, sees Gat and Kinzie popping into Hell to save the Boss because reasons. It is also a splendid pun and I am beyond excited with the possibilities for licensed music in this game. Volition promise "a full length musical number" and you guys, if they actually get Meatloaf in for this, I'd beam until my face hurt, and then I'd keep beaming until it bled. I sang the full eight-minute version of Paradise by the Dashboard Light at karaoke with Leigh Alexander. I could barely speak for the next day and don't regret a second of it.

It's slated to launch on January 30 in Europe, but January 27 in those North American places. You know, Deep Silver, those oceans boiled away to salt in Hell.

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