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2D Dark Souls: Salt And Sanctuary Arrives On PC


I realise that Dark Souls comparisons are now overused to the point of near-meaninglessness but Salt and Sanctuary [official site] is, like, really Dark Souls-y. It's a hand-drawn 2D side-on platformer, sure, but does so many Souls-y things from all its parrying and rolling down to needing to go reclaim your souls salt after you die. From what I've heard, it sounds great? Following its debut on PlayStation 4 in March, Salt and Sanctuary is now available on PC. Great!

Developers Ska Studios (the gang behind the Charlie Murder and the Dishwasher games on Xbox Live, and Survival Crisis Z on PC) had teased that they'd know a PC release date this month, and they sure do.

So! Salt and Sanctuary is Ska's crack at a Dark Souls-y platformer. If borrows liberally, with everything from equipment and levelling through to combat and even the user interface being familiar. Ah, I'm doing it a disservice. Our pals at Eurogamer reviewed Salt and Sanctuary on PS4 and enjoyed what the difference made by a new perspective and Ska's tweaks. I'm jolly glad to have it round our way so soon.

Salt and Sanctuary is £12.23 on Steam right now, including a 10% launch discount. VaatiVidya's video preview from January 2015 gives a pretty great overview, though obviously it doesn't reflect the game's current state. Or hey, to set the mood, here's last year's E3 trailer:

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