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Salt And Sanctuary PC Release Date Soon


Salt and Sanctuary [official site] is a gorgeous 2D Dark Souls kinda thing that can be played in either singleplayer or co-op. It's already available on Sony's Drakestation 4 and will be coming to PC. Hopefully that'll happen sooner rather than later, and developers Ska Studios reckon they might well ready to announce the release date later this month. I'm extremely excited about this one, not only because of the good things I've heard from PS4-playing friends, but because Ska's Survival Crisis Z [download link] is still my favourite zombie survival game.

Look, this is a news post about an announcement that is going to happen soon rather than a news post about the announcement itself. I don't normally write things like that but I'm making an exception for Salt and Sanctuary because I'd started to think the PC version might either happen in the distant future or not at all. Ska's statement that they're "gearing up" for the release allows me to believe it'll be out much sooner than I'd expected.

And just look at it:

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

It's a Soulstroidvania, obviously. Rolls off the tongue.

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