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Sate Your Curiosity: A Take On Mars Trailer

Not content with simulating Earth in all its glory, including tiny shadows of flying insects, Czech simulation specialists Bohemia want to take on (aha!*) the red planet. Take On Mars is bonkers in the best possible way, a game where you take your little lander onto the surface of Mars for the purposes of science! The new trailer shows off a tiny bit of how the game will work, with you collecting samples and taking photos of the surface, but I've also discovered a long E3 video by Gamespot that you should watch, because by the end of it you'll have fallen in love with a plucky Mars rover.

It looks like the obsession that Take On Helicopters had with it's choppers (it simulated the fuel sloshing around in the tank) is at play here. The rover has 150 physically simulated parts, any of which can break at any time. Just remember that when you're creating your Martian dust art masterpiece: Dust Cock In The Night Sky, A Series.

Here's the trailer.

Watch on YouTube

Fnarr. No, really. This is it. Promise.

Watch on YouTube

And here's half an hour of footage. It proves once and for all that humanity will not make a Mars Lander that I don't want to adopt as a pet.

Watch on YouTube

*This "aha" is actually my way of pointing out how much I enjoyed that terrible joke. I stole it from a Terry Pratchett** book, but it fits into the whole "Take On" theme as well. I want you to know that as delicious as the connection between the two is, it was entirely coincidental.

**I'm also stealing Terry Pratchett's footnotes to tell you.

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