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Die With Pals: Take On Mars Adds Multiplayer & Survival

I want to explode my head

What's the point of going to Mars if we can't asphyxiate beneath beige skies? Where's the triumph if we're all invincible? If I am not allowed to burst my own head by removing my helmet, I don't even want to go to Mars. You might as well send a robot instead.

Arma makers Bohemia understand the need for peril, and for people to share that peril with. With the latest Take On Mars update, they've added "survival" bits and multiplayer to their Martian roving simulator. Is space-scurvy a thing? I guess we'll find out.

Marsonauts can now build self-sustaining colonies together, piecing together buildings, farming food, recycling waste, and generally trying not to die on a planet that's wholly barren and would kill us within minutes unprotected. I don't know how harsh Take On Mars is, whether it goes for realistic slow asphyxiation and a pleasant slide through hypoxia, or if it's all a bit Total Recall. I honestly couldn't tell you which I'd prefer.

Anyway, on the survival side, Bohemia say Marsonauts will need to balance "oxygen, food, water, vitamins, and more." This includes taking your protein pills, one imagines.

Multiplayer's using a save system which gives every player gets a copy, so presumably you can continue your Marsbase with other folks if you have a horrible space-falling-out. No one wants to be stuck millions of miles from home with a load of jerks.

The update also adds loads of other stuff, from atmospheric processors and player sounds to a VTOL aircraft and The Chuffing Moon. Check the announcement and this video for more:

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