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Scorn will envelop you in its Gigeresque guts in 2021

Oh good, my gun's full of guts

A new 14-minute gameplay video gives a close look at the oozing sphincters and glistening meaty protrusions of first-person shoot-o-adventure-horror Scorn. It's still Gigered to the gills, as expected, but I will say even I was surprised to see door control systems activated by frigging an orifice with a gristlegun.

I kinda pick up the feeling of survival horror games like the early Silent Hills? Exploring spooky places in a non-linear, collecting items, solving puzzles, dodging fights when you can, and being a bit crap in battle when you can't. But first-person. And with even more meat.

It's still hard to tell, really, with the slow and deliberate way they're playing in this video to show things off and try to capture a mood. It could turn into a game of sprinting around blasting everything, or it could be tense and cautious. I'm interested to find out. Its look may be cribbed from obvious sources but Scorn does it more and harder than any other game I've seen - I want to see the results. I'm well up for guns full of guts which crack and slurp and writhe when I reload.

Pip talked with developers Ebb Software about Scorn's look years back, and it was no surprise to hear them mention inspirations like H.R. Giger, Zdzisław Beksiński, and David Cronenberg. Do check that out for lots of pictures and artchat.

Scorn is coming next year via Steam, GOG, and the Windows Store. It'll be on Xbox Game Pass on console (it's exclusive to the new Xbox), though I'm not sure about PC.

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