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Scorn will release itself from the bone wall a week earlier than planned

October 14th is the new release date

Long in-development first-person horror Scorn was due to finally release on October 21st, but in a season of delays its made the most twisted choice imaginable. It's now set to release a week earlier on October 14th.

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We've been writing about Scorn for six years now, and its world of meat, bone and gristle has been compelling that entire time. It's partly Giger-inspired, but that means it's filled with body horror and suspiciously shaped tubes, not that it's necessarily action packed. Developers Ebb Software have been careful to say that Scorn has shooting, but that it's not a shooter.

Ed played Scorn at Gamescom and found it more of a hardcore puzzler than a survival horror. I am onboard with that in theory, although Ed also found its puzzles obtuse and needed developer intervention to progress:

Without a HUD and objective marker to guide me, I had to rely heavily on directional cues. These started off okay, but gradually petered out into a confusing garble of twists and turns as its spaces grew more complex. For a simpleton like me, the subtle cues were perhaps a bit too subtle for my liking, and I never quite caught on whenever the game was prompting me to move on or come back to something later. For instance, I spent an age rewiring some train tracks atop the melted staircase only for a dev to peer over my shoulder and tell me to move on and explore elsewhere, lest I waste more precious demo time – this happened a lot.

Hmm! He did also find Scorn stunning to look at, so perhaps that will be enough to draw me through. I hope so. Scorn will launch on October 14th via Steam, Epic and Game Pass.

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