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Scorn's Gigeresque meat hell will finally envelope you this October

A gross new release date trailer

If you stick your hand in the bone trunk, you deserve what you get. That's my new motto, after watching the latest trailer for the first-person Giger-esque horror game Scorn. This trailer has the same world of bone and flesh as all those before it, but with the added twist of a release date: this October.

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Honestly, don't act surprised when your hand gets trapped in the flesh tube nightmare. What did you think was in there, pennies?

The trailer voiceover makes clear that Scorn is not a shooter, but it's still interesting to me how few living creatures seem to populate its world. My assumption is that you'll spend a lot of time in Scorn hiding from terrible nasties that mean you harm (while I spend my time not playing it because it's too stressful), but actually, the trailer makes it look like a sizeable portion of time is spent on a lovely walking holiday through the bony lower intestines. I'd be up for that.

Scorn was funded via Kickstarter a while back, such that it was Pip (RPS in peace) all the way in 2016 who was talking to the developers about their art inspirations. Since then, the game has been delayed several times, with Ebb Software saying in November last year that backers could refund the game if they found delays or lack of communication "bothersome."

Scorn will be available via Steam and on Xbox Game Pass from day one. Day one, by the way, is October 21st, 2022.

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