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Scrap Mechanic Creative Mode Out On Steam Today

Build your own AT-AT

Crafting games are as common as scrap, but I like the look of Scrap Mechanic [official site] more than most because it has tools to animate the contraptions you make in it with hinges, pumps and wheels. The latest trailer for the game's creative mode shows this off with buggies which unfold to release drones, AT-ATs that actually stomp and trucks that can be driven into the back compartments of other larger trucks. The trailer marks the game's arrival in Steam Early Access today.

Cover image for YouTube video

Scrap Mechanic is ultimately a multiplayer survival game, meaning you're one day going to be teaming up with friends to build devices that help you gather items and shelter you from monsters. Currently you can only play in Creative Mode however, seen above, with Survival Mode to be worked on in the months ahead. The store page explains:

"Mechanics can look forward to a huge new open world to explore with buildings that can be scavenged and taken apart, a day and night cycle, deadly enemies to fight, weapons and explosives that can be used in many creative ways, further character customization, new awesome building parts and tools and an improved multiplayer function. Last but not least, there’ll of course be improvements based on all the feedback we collect. There are more things in the pipeline for Survival Mode, but we’d like to keep some stuff as a surprise."

There's no timeline for when the game will be finished, but it's been receiving updates regularly during its quieter early access release via its own site. It's currently £15/$20 from Steam or from the developer's own site.

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