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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Tracking fossils and sprouts in the haunted valleys

Dare ye enter Da Trilobite Zone?

Screenshot Saturday Sundays! Unlike certain sea-dwellers on the site, I've already caved and cranked up the heating for a long, cold winter - so why not get yourselves toasty too and wrap up for another batch of lovely videogame screenshots? This week: picturesque platforming, sentient seeds, Welsh country horror, and trilobites.

Let's start today's session with a little art history, shall we?

In a bizarre act of Grand Theft Monet, Pat Naoum's painted platformer The Master's Pupil begins the exhibit by nicking a boat straight out of the French artist's 1874 painting Le Pont d'Argenteuil. While the transition is looking a little shaky right now, there's a delight in scrolling the feed and seeing how Naoum has chosen to deconstruct various works, separating them into layers and deciding which parts can be chopped off for puzzle platforming progression.

Sticking with "novel platformers with neat looks", our next entry is tumbling seeds at the bottom of the world.

Seedlings has sprouted up in this column before, but it's always worth checking in on your plants to see how they've grown. What I love about this week's post is the motion, adding a whole new level of depth to the photo-collage look of Bardsley's botanic adventure.

Besides, it's rare that a game takes us all the way down to New Zealand - rarer still for one to set itself in the valleys of Wales.

With Watch Dogs Legion busy cyberpunk'ing up London, I've been thinking a lot about how underused other parts of the British Isles are in games. Taking us to the oft-neglected valleys of Wales, Chasing Static is a moody-first person spooker inspired by 80s Sci-Fi horror and contemporary surrealist cinema - boasting a creepy lo-fi 3D look we're sure to see a whole lot more of in the run-up to Halloween.

Finally... dare ye enter Da Trilobite Zone?

In a follow-up Tweet, Brady Soglin would like to apologise for any insinuation that the the 'bites don't bite - they have bitten in the past and will do so again. Take care in the zone, readers.

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