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Watch Dogs Legion

2 weeks ago

Feature: Get your RTX and RDNA 2 graphics cards at the ready

Here are all the confirmed ray tracing and DLSS games so far

Ray tracing is the hot new graphics tech of 2021, and Nvidia have just announced another fresh crop of ray tracing and DLSS games that are coming to PC later this year. To help you keep track of them all, I've created this list of all the confirmed ray tracing games you can play on PC right now, as well which ones will be getting…

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2 months ago

Watch Dogs Legion delays online modes to early 2021

Watch Dogs Legion has been out for nearly a month now, so perhaps some of you have already called it a wrap on the game's main campaign. If you were looking forward to the addition of multiplayer modes and other online London-ing in December, you'll have a bit longer to wait than planned. Ubisoft have announced today that they're pushing back Legion's online modes to…

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3 months ago

Watch Dogs Legion is booting a journalist off its fictional radio

For the fictional futuristic radio in Watch Dogs Legion, Ubisoft used some actual journalists in the UK to provide voice talent. Seemed like a neat idea until Ubisoft (and I) learned that one of the hosts whose voice appears in game has published some pretty ugly opinions about transgender people. That's decidedly not neat, so Ubisoft say they're replacing the two radio episodes that Helen…

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Feature: Where to find Bagley's memories.

Finding Bagley’s Corrupted Memories in Watch Dogs: Legion

Spoilers abound for the post-game of Watch Dogs: Legion, so don’t read on if you’re yet to complete the main story. Finding Bagley's corrupted memories in Watch Dogs: Legion is a bit of a pain, and it can take a bit of trial and error to unearth the final bits of the story. That's where we come in. Here’s where to find Bagley’s corrupted memories…

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Watch Dogs: Legion source code leaked by hackers, reports claim

Hackers have leaked the source code for Watch Dogs: Legion, several reports claim, though it's not yet clear what is actually out there. A ransomware group claimed last month that they'd breached both Ubisoft and Crytek's security, and threatened to leak Legion's source. "Guys, if the goal of the last mission in your game about hackers was the hack of your company, we've done it,"…

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Feature: Even on an RTX 3070

Watch Dogs Legion with ray tracing is almost unplayable without DLSS

Watch Dogs Legion is one of this year's big ray tracing games, utilising ray traced reflections to bring the wet, rainy streets of London to life. It's also one of the growing number of games to support Nvidia's performance-boosting DLSS tech - and based on my initial testing of the game's ray tracing effects on PC, you're definitely going to need it if you want…

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Feature: What to do with Skye Larsen.

Skye Larsen’s fate in Watch Dogs: Legion – Into The Void

Spoiler alert for the Sky Larsen storyline in Watch Dogs: Legion coming up, so don’t read on if you don’t want to hear about it. Skye Larsen's final mission has you potentially killing or uploading her. Her life lies in your hands, so here's Skye Larsen's fate in Watch Dogs: Legion.

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Watch Dogs Legion used real political podcasters to deliver in-game talk radio

Watch Dogs Legion may be set in future London but it's not short on contemporary celebrity cameos. Ubisoft themselves announced before launch that you can find Stormzy in Watch Dogs Legion, but players have now spotted another cameo collection. Political podcast "Oh God, What Now?" have provided their writing and voices to some political analysis over the radio in Legion.

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Feature: How to get Stormzy's mission.

How to play Stormzy’s mission in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion features grime star Stormzy, not just as a piece of marketing material but as the star of a mission. He’s been a big part of the hype of Watch Dogs: Legion, so fans are obviously excited to find and collab with him in-game. Here’s how to start Stormzy's mission in Watch Dogs: Legion.

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Feature: (via a fictional drunk man)

A photo tour of London’s best landmarks in Watch Dogs: Legion

Right then you muppets. I bet you've heard all sorts of old rubbish about London town in Watch Dogs Legion, 'aven't you? You've probably got yer knickers in a right twist over how faithfully it recreates the UK capital, and how totally facked it is. Well don't you worry no more, sunshine. The name's Ronald McNationalism, hardest bloke in DedSec, and I'm going to take…

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Watch Dogs Legion’s perfectly normal London features flying cars, cyborgs and ghosts

London's a weird place. As a Scot, I've always found my trips to the giant English sprawl to be bewildering affairs, as suited blokes ferry themselves from one Pret A Manger to another packed anchovie-like in screaming metal cans. Thank goodness then, that Watch Dogs Legion's condensed capital is an equally strange place - and it couldn't possibly just be launch-week weirdness, right?

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Feature: Crisis On Infinite Geezers

Does Watch Dogs Legion contain a single NPC I could bear to hang out with?

As you'll probably know by now, Watch Dogs Legion's big boast is its "play as anyone" feature, where you can recruit and subsequently play as any one of nine million procedurally generated Londoners. As I done said in my review, it works as advertised... sort of. The level of simulation is dead impressive, and can lead to some interesting situations. But it leads to a…

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Watch Dogs: Legion sells in-game cash for real money

As is customary for a modern Ubisoft open-world icon-clearer, Watch Dogs: Legion launches today with not only a £50 price tag and a £34 season pass but optional not-so-microtransactions too. Ubisoft are selling 'WD Credits' in bundles ranging from £4 to £42, which you can spend on in-game goodies like unique characters, skins, maps of collectibles, and wads of digicash. You don't need any of…

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Feature: All our Watch Dogs: Legion guides in one place.

Watch Dogs: Legion guide hub

We’ve put together all kinds of guides on Watch Dogs: Legion, and it’s easy to lose your way in the techno-futuristic world of sort-of-London. No worries though - I got you. Here’s the Rock Paper Shotgun Watch Dogs: Legion guide hub, constantly updated for your convenience.

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Watch Dogs: Legion PC performance patch due Friday

Today is the big launch day of Watch Dogs: Legion, inviting us into a wee open-world London to punch faces and hack the planet, though if you to see the game up at its best you might want to wait a touch before starting. Ubisoft have announced they plan to release a Legion launch hotfix patch for PC on Friday, focused on performance improvements. It…

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Feature: What to put your Tech Points into.

Best tech and gadget upgrades in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion has a whole load of upgrades to your hacking arsenal. From explosive traps to passive perks, you can get a bunch of gear to help you with infiltration, combat, or general survival. Here’s the best tech upgrades in Watch Dogs: Legion, and the ones you should prioritise for upgrades.

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