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How to earn Tech Points in Watch Dogs: Legion

How to get more Tech Points for upgrades.

Tech Points are Watch Dogs: Legion’s way of giving you an upgrade path to go down. They’re basically collectible experience points, shown by a turquoise diamond on your map. Here’s how to earn and find Tech Points in Watch Dogs: Legion.

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What are Tech Points in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Tech Points help you upgrade your tech and gadgets. For the best upgrades to choose, check out our guide for Watch Dogs: Legion’s best tech upgrades - there’s a load of gear to choose from, including new guns and hackable drones.

Tech Points are accessible from the Tech menu, and can be used to upgrade your kit if you have enough. Most of your early Tech Points will come naturally - you earn Tech Points for completing story missions. However, there are ways to earn more.

How to get more Tech Points in Watch Dogs: Legion

By completing disruption missions in certain boroughs, Tech Points become more available. At the start of the game, when you make Camden ‘Defiant’, all the locations of the Tech Points are revealed, even if you haven’t explored that specific street yet.

To do this in more boroughs, complete disruption missions to make them Defiant. Press M to open your map, and head to the red markers. These include rescuing freedom fighters, disrupting propaganda, killing VIPs, sabotaging vehicles, and more. With each mission you complete, you can free areas from oppression. By putting ‘DedSec is here’ posters up, apparently.

Once you’ve liberated an area, Tech Points are shown on the map screen, so just head over there, sneak into whatever restricted area they’re in, and grab them. You can pick up Tech Points with Spiderbots and drones too, so get in there by any means possible.

Sometimes, the game wants you to go a specific route though. I went up to a tower and tried to grab them from the open window using a cargo drone I levitated up the outside. Despite being in my character's reach, it refused to let me grab the Tech Points until I went up the inside of the tower. If you're struggling to get the points then, think of another route the game might want you to take.

That’s all you need to know about earning Tech Points! We have more guides if you need them too, such as tips on how to fix the Watch Dogs: Legion can’t-move bug, as well as advice on how to recruit new operatives.

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