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Watch Dogs: Legion character won’t move bug - how to fix

How to get out of an irritating bug.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, I’ve run into a bug where my character will turn around on the spot but fail to move. There’s a couple ways to deal with this, so here’s how to fix the bug where your character can’t move in Watch Dogs: Legion.

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Character won’t move in Watch Dogs: Legion

Usually the bug where your character can't move happens when you’re jumping around buildings and sneaking about enemy property. Unfortunately, when moving around rooftops or different elevations, it seems like the game can get confused and stop letting you walk around. However, all is not lost! I’ve got a couple in-game fixes that’ll save you, unless you’re currently getting shot by enemies. If that’s the case, you’re probably screwed.

Switch Operatives

If you aren’t in enemy territory or wanted by Albion and the police, you’ll be able to easily solve this issue by switching to another operative. Recruiting more operatives is important, so try not to end up with just one left. Here’s how to do that nice and quickly:

  1. Press Tab to open the menu
  2. Click on the ‘Team’ option
  3. Click on an operative you aren’t currently using
  4. Press G to swap to them

Doing this will invoke the power of cutscenes to save you from your eternal plight of being stuck in limbo.

Get the camera out

Sometimes you might get trapped in this bug while infiltrating enemy territory. Far from ideal, that. Not to worry though - as long as you’re out of enemy sight, there’s a way out of this terror:

  1. Hold down X to open your tech wheel
  2. Keep holding it and press 9 to open your camera
  3. Your perspective should change to first person
  4. Move a few steps in any safe direction

And there you go - thanks to the omnipotence of perspective-shifting, your character will remember how to walk and unstick themselves! Or you could sit there and listen to the Watch Dogs: Legion soundtrack. Your choice.

Now you’re out of that situation, why not check out more of our Watch Dogs: Legion guides? We have pages on all sorts, from the best tech upgrades to go for to tips on recruiting new operatives.

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