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Best tech and gadget upgrades in Watch Dogs: Legion

What to put your Tech Points into.

Watch Dogs: Legion has a whole load of upgrades to your hacking arsenal. From explosive traps to passive perks, you can get a bunch of gear to help you with infiltration, combat, or general survival. Here’s the best tech upgrades in Watch Dogs: Legion, and the ones you should prioritise for upgrades.

Best tech upgrades in Watch Dogs: Legion

You can get tech upgrades by earning Tech Points scattered throughout the world map, as well as from completing missions. Access them by pressing Tab and navigating to the ‘Tech’ menu, where you can purchase various items and upgrades with your Tech Points. Of course, everyone’s playstyle is different, so feel free to go for some rogue picks if you fancy. Also, remember that certain recruited operatives have their own unique abilities, so hold down the X key to check if the one you’re playing has anything special up their sleeve.

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Infiltrator Spiderbot

The Infiltrator Spiderbot is one of the first pieces of kit you’ll have access to in Watch Dogs: Legion, and it’s one I keep coming back to. Apparently, everything in London is designed specifically to be hackable with a Spiderbot, so hit the upgrades hard on this one and you’ll be scuttling around non stop to hack open doors and download illegal files. Here’s the upgrade list for the Infiltrator Spiderbot:

  1. Unlock Infiltrator Spiderbot
  2. Allows Spiderbot to double jump and sprint
  3. Adds a manually-activatable cloaking device

You can perform non-lethal takedowns if you’re sneaky enough with the Infiltrator Spiderbot, but don’t get detected - if you’re spotted the enemy will disrupt your connection and it’s a right hassle waiting around for it to recharge.

Disrupt Hack

For just 15 Tech Points, you’ll be able to distract and disrupt enemies in all situations, be it in the heat of battle or as a sneaky way to free a distressed citizen. It’ll give them a sudden headache and stop them from taking action, allowing you to escape from a single enemy or buy you a bit of time in combat.

Deep Profiler

The Deep Profiler costs a bit more, but with it you’ll be able to recruit people to DedSec even when they have an anti-DedSec leaning. Think Albion guards, cops, or randomers off the street you accidentally hit with a car.

To activate Deep Profiler, you’ll need to hold middle mouse button and press Q to save the individual to your potential recruits. From there, find them in the ‘Team’ menu and press F to Deep Profile them. Here, you’ll be able to see their daily schedule, as well as a few recruitment leads you can follow to get them to become more sympathetic to the DedSec cause. It’s surprisingly useful, as having more unlimited access to people really lets you ‘Play as Anyone’, even with the extra effort required to get them.

Skin Mesh

Skin Mesh costs 45 Tech Points, but reduces all damage received by your operatives. It feels bad to have operatives die in combat and be lost forever to permadeath, but Skin Mesh makes them significantly more tanky and able to survive for far longer. It’s nothing fancy, but it’ll get the job done.

LTL 68P DedSec Pistol

For your operatives without guns of their own, this is the weapon they’ll be issued as standard. For a total of 45 Tech Points though, you can make it a silenced gun, helping you take out enemies (non-lethally, apparently) at close ranges without alerting the guards. Most people don’t happen to have fancy weapons (some DLC operatives have really spicy ones though), so upgrading your default close-range pistol will help you a lot in the long run. Here’s the upgrades available for the LTL 68P DedSec Pistol:

  1. Default pistol - 10 ammo magazines
  2. Increases magazine capacity to 15
  3. Adds silencer for stealth attacks

That’s all the best tech and gadget upgrades to go for in Watch Dogs: Legion! We’ve got plenty more to help you out with if you need it though, so check out our pages on all the Watch Dogs: Legion music, as well as what to expect from Legion's online multiplayer.

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