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Watch Dogs: Legion online multiplayer - release date, modes, features

PvP and co-op in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Watch Dogs: Legion’s online multiplayer is going to let players explore London’s techno-metropolis surrounded by friends and enemies from around the world. It’s coming soon, and here’s what to expect from Watch Dogs: Legion’s online multiplayer.

Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer release date

Watch Dogs: Legion’s multiplayer is set to release on December 3rd 2020. It’ll be the game’s first free update, and include a series of new additions, with constant new stuff being added in the future.

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Co-op play

Watch Dogs: Legion allows you to join up with friends in co-op mode, letting you explore all of London with your pals. Up to four players can explore at a time, and you’ll be able to recruit operatives while you’re at it, switching between your DedSec squad.

New missions are being added, specifically designed for co-op play with a team, so hopefully we’ll be seeing some heist-style planning in service of a mission’s goal. You’ll want to work out which characters’ abilities will synergise best with the rest of your team, and find unique ways to combine them. Maybe you have a drone user who lures enemies into the trap of a granny with a taser, or a fast hacker who can get the job done quickly while the rest of your squad go loud with AK47s. There’ll be all kinds of combinations, so it’s up to you to find the coolest.

The special missions made for four players are called Tactical Ops. They’re essentially heist missions which will require planning, communication and efficiency with your squad. While one of your team is in a drone solving a puzzle, the others might be trying to defend you from an onslaught, or crawling through ducts with Spiderbots.

PvP Modes

New PvP modes are being added to Watch Dogs: Legion. There are a couple of these, and more are planned for the future. The one I’m most excited for is Spiderbot Arena, in which you’re pitted in a Robot Wars-style ring with up to seven other player-controlled bots. These Spiderbots are absolutely kitted out too, firing bullets, explosives, and all manner of distractions.

Invasion is a returning feature to the Watch Dogs series, in which you can invade other players’ worlds and hack their data for rewards. You’ll be able to play this in online mode, so watch out for enemies sneaking into your London. Other PvP modes are coming later too, so keep your eyes out.

That’s what’s coming up for Watch Dogs: Legion’s multiplayer! While you’re waiting for that though, why not check out our tips on how to earn more Tech Points, or a run down on all the available DLC in Watch Dogs: Legion?

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