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Watch Dogs: Legion DLC - what extra content is available?

All the DLC in Legion.

Watch Dogs: Legion offers premium currencies and DLC, as well as bonus characters to unlock. There’s also all kinds of cosmetics and boosters to help you in the story. Here’s a rundown of all the DLC in Watch Dogs: Legion.

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Watch Dogs: Legion DLC

The DLC menu can be accessed on PC by pressing Tab and clicking on the ‘Store’ section. You’ll also be able to access extras in the Store section of Uplay. Here, you can browse all the extra stuff you can buy, from the clothes to cash. It’s all purchased with ‘WD Credits’, which can be bought in this menu with your real money.

Season Pass

Watch Dogs: Legion’s Season Pass can be bought from the Store menu. It costs £33.99, and is also included as standard in the Gold, Ultimate, and Collector’s editions of Watch Dogs: Legion. Here’s what you get with the Season Pass:

  • Future story expansions, including Bloodline - the story of Aiden Pierce
  • 3 Extra DedSec story missions
  • DedSec Vehicle Paint
  • Watch Dogs: Complete Edition
  • 4 playable heroes for the single player campaign

The four characters you unlock with the season pass are:

  • Aiden Pierce from Watch Dogs
  • Wrench from Watch Dogs 2
  • Mina, a subject of weird experimentation with the power of mind control
  • Darcy, a member of the Assassin Order from the Assassin’s Creed series

Note that you don’t receive the characters from the Store’s character pack - those are a different purchase.


In the ‘Operatives’ menu, you can purchase available characters with special abilities. At time of writing, the Urban Jungle pack has characters available both as a bundle and separately. The three characters you can buy are The Lynx, The Leopard, and The Viper. Here’s what they can do:

The Lynx

  • Viral Hacking - when hacking, hold the input to affect a large radius
  • Dive Bomb - select an enemy to be dive bombed by a homing drone
  • Fast Hacking - all hacks have significantly shorter cooldowns

The Leopard

  • AK47 - a fully automatic rifle with high damage and recoil
  • APGL - A short-range frag grenade launcher
  • Combat Roll - Double tap dodge to perform a dodge roll that also reloads your gun

The Viper

  • Silenced MP5 - fully automatic SMG with a silencer and high fire rate
  • Light Step - reduce enemy detection speed
  • Takedown Thief - Gain ETO during takedowns

In addition to the playable characters, you get their unique clothes and masks to put on any of your recruited operatives, so even if they permadie you can keep their vibes on the team.

Cosmetic Bundles

Available for 1500 WD Credits each, these bundles will each give you three clothing and mask combos, as well as a vehicle paint and weapon skin. At the moment, you can buy the Digital Knight Bundle, the Midnight Agent Bundle, and the Intergalactic DJ Bundle. Check out the image below for a little glimpse.

Watch Dogs Legion's clothing bundles


If you have a favourite item of clothing from the bundles, you can purchase it separately from the rest of the bundle for 1000 WD Credits. Here’s a list of what’s currently available:

  • Heatsink Knight
  • Darknet Knight
  • Firewall Knight
  • Craft of the Shadow
  • Craft of the Rogue
  • Craft of the Hero
  • Enceladus Aria
  • WASP-12b Oratorio
  • Jupiter Pasticcio

If you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll get the option for Ubisoft Connect rewards. These use your Ubisoft Club points (visible at the top right hand corner of your Uplay launcher) to purchase further pieces of gear, including the Helm of Sparta and a hilarious-looking mask with the Ubisoft logo on it.


Running out of in-game currency? The Boosters section will give you ETO in exchange for WD Points. You can purchase 6,000 ETO for 300 WD Points or 24,000 ETO for 900 WD Points. There’s also the option to buy the Collectibles Map, which will show you the location of all ETO, mask, and extra Tech Point drops.

Price of DLC in WD Credits

The DLC costs WD Credits, which can be bought for increasing value the more you spend. Here’s the prices of WD Credits:

  • 500 Credits - £4.29
  • 1,100 Credits - £8.59
  • 2,500 Credits - £16.99
  • 4,550 Credits - £29.99
  • 7,250 Credits - £41.99

Watch Dogs: Legion's WD Credits prices

That’s all you need to know about Watch Dogs: Legion’s DLC offering! Once your squad is all kitted out, maybe head over to our other guide pages, including the best tech and gadget upgrades, as well as how to recruit new operatives.

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