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Watch Dogs: Legion mask locations - where to find all masks

How to mask up in Watch Dogs.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, you’re able to explore the world to pick up special masks for use when you’re doing illegal DedSec stuff to avoid being recognised. There are special ones to find around the city of London though, so here’s all the mask locations in Watch Dogs: Legion.

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Watch Dogs: Legion all mask locations map

Look around for blue parcel fox boxes (they have a DPD-looking logo) and interact with them to find masks all over the place. As far as I’m aware, all the available masks are marked, but let me know if I’ve missed any! Check out the maps below for all of the locations - the bottom map shows the south end of Lambeth, as well as Nine Elms.

Watch Dogs Legion map with the mask locations marked

Watch Dogs Legion map of Nine Elms with the mask locations marked

A lot of these areas are hostile and locked down, so either be prepared for a sneak/scrap or get a recruited operative out with uniformed access to avoid detection. Usually, you’ll find Tech Points in these areas too, so keep an eye out.

Where to find all Watch Dogs: Legion masks

Here’s a list of all the masks we’ve got in Watch Dogs: Legion, with a short description of how to get each of them. We’ll keep you updated as we find more!

  • Pig Mask - upon arrival at the DedSec hideout, find a mask box on the ground after going up the stairs to reboot Bagley
  • Gas Mask - available from beginning
  • Soldier Mask - available from beginning
  • Red and Black Face Mask - available from beginning
  • Helm of Sparta - purchasable from Ubisoft Connect
  • Ubisoft Mask - purchasable from Ubisoft Connect
  • Union Jack Mask - reward for story mission
  • Skull Crown Mask - reward for completing Clan Kelley storyline
  • Box Head Mask - comes with Ultimate Edition
  • Skull Crown Mask - comes with Ultimate Edition
  • Cat Eyes Mask - comes with Ultimate Edition
  • Fancy Soldier Mask - comes with Ultimate Edition
  • Purple Soldier Mask - Complete 'Smoking Gun' story mission
  • Red and White Geometric Mask - comes with Ultimate Edition
  • Purple Skull Mask - comes with Ultimate Edition
  • LDN Soldier Mask - in Islington & Hackney’s Museum of the Home, this is one of the few non-restricted areas. Chuck a Spiderbot inside to get it
  • Golden Soldier Mask - pop on a cargo drone and go to the top of St Paul’s Cathedral for this one
  • Box Head Mask 2 - found in Camden Market, you’ll have to get to the roof
  • Box Head Mask 3 - head into St. Pancras International station and find it in a restricted corner
  • Box Head Mask 4 - head over to The Xcess near Elephant and Castle station
  • Black Visor Gas Mask - go under London Bridge (a cargo drone is nice and easy) and chuck a Spiderbot on the walkway
  • White Visor Gas Mask - Albion’s Tidis building in Southwark can be accessed for this mask
  • Blue Visor Gas Mask - Clan Kelley’s Rotherhithe Docks can be infiltrated with either a Kelley uniform or looking like a standard construction worker
  • White Gas Mask - as you rescue a freedom fighter in Westminster, fully search the whole building to find this mask
  • Pink Pig Mask - use a Spiderbot to grab this one near London Bridge
  • Silver Pig Mask - find it just to the south-west of your DedSec hideout
  • Golden Pig Mask - found opposite the US Embassy in Nine Elms
  • Rabbit Cloth Mask - look in the far South West of the map - this one is found in The Battersea
  • Lipstick Cloth Mask - pop over to Thorne’s Felts, a small, guarded Clan Kelley location
  • Crown Skull Mask - find this one near Buckingham Palace - recruit an operative who can dress as a Palace Guard to make it easier
  • Blank White Mask - go to Tower Hamlets’ Helmsmans Tracks, and hack your way through the bypass
  • Fractured Red Mask - descend the Nexus Tower in Southwark
  • Lion Gargoyle Mask - find this in the Albion base just north of Waterloo Bridge
  • White Rabbit Clan Mask - chuck a Spiderbot upstairs at Islington & Hackney’s World of Tomorrow
  • White Rabbit Clan Mask 2 - find this one on the roof of the Martlet’s Nest pub
  • £ Sign Gas Mask - found just below the North side of Golden Jubilee Bridge in New Scotland Yard
  • Knight’s Helmet - found in Downing Street, just North of your hideout
  • Black Knight Helmet - in North East Tower Hamlets, head to the corner of Cemetery Park, putting a Spiderbot through the vents
  • Lion Knight Helmet - use a Spiderbot to reach it in the MI-6 Building
  • Buckethead-Looking Helmet - get to the roof of The Mix in Southwark
  • Scratched Knight Helmet - get into the cabin at the bottom of The London Lens by unlocking it with a Spiderbot
  • White Valve Gas Mask - head to the London Carriage Service and sneak to the bottom floor - Spiderbots are good for this
  • Orange Valve Gas Mask - found in Albion’s European Processing Centre (the big stadium)
  • Orange Goggles Gas Mask - you’ll have to sneak deep into the Albion Internment Centre in the North-West area of Camden
  • Yellow Bulldog Mask - find this one in Clan Kelley’s Southwark Incinerator
  • White Goggles Gas Mask - get through the vents with a Spiderbot in the Walkie Talkie building in the City of London
  • Brown Goggles Gas Mask - bring your Spiderbot into Mary Kelley’s Sandstone Residence
  • Black Goggles Gas Mask - on the roof of the Brixton Barrier Block
  • Skull Candle Mask - just South of your safehouse, Clan Kelley’s perry Harris Redevelopment area houses this one up on the scaffolding
  • Scratched Riot Helmet - found in the Brixton Recreation Centre

That’s all for our guide on all the locations for the masks! Check out more of our pages for handy tips though, including our tips on taking photos in Watch Dogs: Legion, as well as everything you need to know about unlocking Aiden Pearce.

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