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How to get Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs: Legion

You can also unlock Aiden Pearce's hat.

Aiden Pearce, protagonist of the original Watch Dogs game, is available to play as in Watch Dogs: Legion. The notably charismatic and fun guy can only be obtained by spending your cash though - here’s how to get Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs: Legion.

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How to unlock Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs: Legion

To get Aiden Pearce you'll need to buy the Watch Dogs: Legion Season Pass for £33.99/$40. Not only will it get you Aiden, the pass will also give you access to extra missions, a copy of the original Watch Dogs: Complete Edition, and three other unique characters - Wrench, Mina and Assassin's Creed's Darcy.

Season Pass content will launch in 2021, according to a Q&A session on Reddit from this month. This means you won’t be able to play as him immediately, but when you do you’ll be able to replay the main campaign having had parts specifically rewritten to give Aiden a reason to play out DedSec’s story along with all the other members of the resistance. This is in addition to 2021’s ‘Bloodline’ expansion that’ll put Aiden in his own unique story with Wrench, that’ll explore his character and give him a compelling romp around London.

That’s how you unlock the coolest hacker boy in gaming history, Aiden Pearce! Once you’ve got him, maybe you’ll want to recruit more Watch Dogs: Legion operatives, or go exploring in search of more Tech Points to upgrade your gear.

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