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How to photograph evidence and take pictures in Watch Dogs: Legion

Photographing yourself and evidence.

There are a few easy ways to photograph evidence in Watch Dogs: Legion’s dystopian London to #resist the powers that be. You can also use the camera to take lovely selfies and cityscape snaps. Here’s how to take photos in Watch Dogs: Legion.

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How to take photos in Watch Dogs: Legion

In Watch Dogs: Legion, it’s super easy to take photos. With your operative idling and not in combat or anything, just press the 9 key on your keyboard. You can also do this from the gadget wheel menu by holding X. From here, you can follow the on-screen prompts to get your camera to focus with C, adjust filters with right click, or switch to front camera with V to take some sick selfies.

How to use Photo Mode in Watch Dogs: Legion

Again, it isn’t difficult to activate photo mode in Watch Dogs: Legion. All you have to do is press F2, or hold down X on your keyboard to access it above the top right of the gadget wheel. The controls and settings are much the same as with the normal camera, with all the corny tagline overlays available with right click and everything. There are a few extra options in photo mode though, including the ability to tilt the camera with Q and E, and orbit it around your reticule by holding the middle mouse button and moving the mouse around.

How to photograph evidence in Watch Dogs: Legion

Some missions and quests will require you to take photos of evidence to compromise your enemies. This can be done either with the camera option (as in the first section of this page) or by using a drone with photographic capabilities. If you hijack a news drone, you can take a photo by switching to the camera by pressing Z, and the camera’s options there are largely the same as the on-foot versions. For non-camera drones, you’ll only be able to ‘change view’ rather than take pictures.

There you have it, lots of easy ways to take cool pictures! Once you’ve worked that out, how about having a listen to your favourite songs on the Watch Dogs: Legion soundtrack, or find out more about the upcoming Watch Dogs: Legion online multiplayer.

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