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Watch Dogs Legion's perfectly normal London features flying cars, cyborgs and ghosts

Seems about right

London's a weird place. As a Scot, I've always found my trips to the giant English sprawl to be bewildering affairs, as suited blokes ferry themselves from one Pret A Manger to another packed anchovie-like in screaming metal cans. Thank goodness then, that Watch Dogs Legion's condensed capital is an equally strange place - and it couldn't possibly just be launch-week weirdness, right?

Legion's PC edition may not have launched with the same game-breaking bugs it found on Xbox, but that hasn't stopped Ubisoft's latest open world from being a little bit broken. The Watch Dogs Reddit has been punctuated by some rather bizarre occurrences, such as this player's slow getaway into the stratosphere.

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With the game procedurally generating a resistance movement of random humans, it's natural you'd get a few oddballs in the mix. I'm not sure, however, what caused this dapper young businessman to be endowed with these robotic vocal cords. I'm not usually one to make fun of someone's voice, but someone really oughtta take poor Dalton here back to the workshop.

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Encountering a cyborg on the streets of Westminster is one thing. It's quite another to be recruited into an underground resistance movement by your own doppelganger.

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It appears a few folks are having trouble riding motorbikes in this game, hitching on hidden geometry or spontaneously taking flight. Our next player's not having any problems getting around, per say, but I have to admit their operative has an... unusual driving style.

My operative is having a bad day. from r/watch_dogs

And if you've ever wondered why the Tube's so dark, you'll be surprised to find it's got nothing to do with the underlit tunnels. Rather, the architects of the underground simply don't want you to discover the great void that exists below the capital.

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Finally, and fittingly for the season, some folks are taking out ghosts with good ol' fisticuffs.

Apparently there are ghosts in the game from r/watch_dogs

More generally, the subreddit is filled with confused folks getting used to driving on the left for a change. That's not something we can help you with, I'm afraid (and frankly, we shouldn't, considering how often we're made to drive on the right in games) - but if you want some proper advice, head on over to our Watch Dogs Legion guides hub.

Broken or not, it's just a shame all the NPCs in Watch Dogs Legion are tossers, far as Nate's concerned. Well, almost all of them.

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