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Should I install the HD texture pack in Watch Dogs: Legion?

HD textures in Watch Dogs: Legion.

When you’re installing Watch Dogs: Legion, you’ll have the option to install an HD Texture Pack, taking up an extra 20gb. It’ll put a load of fancy textures in your game, but should you download the Watch Dogs: Legion HD texture pack?

How to install and uninstall the HD texture pack

The HD texture pack for Watch Dogs: Legion can be accessed from the DLC section of Uplay/Ubisoft Connect. When you first install the game you’ll be given the option to chuck in an extra 20GB download for some ‘HD textures’. If you refuse to download it, you can find it again under the ‘Owned DLC’ tab on the game page. Here, it’ll be shown alongside the other Watch Dogs: Legion DLC you’ve purchased.

It’s an extra few gigabytes though, so make sure you check your hard drive for storage. If you need to get rid of it, just go to the same DLC tab and click the ‘uninstall’ button - the game app will have to be closed for you to do this.

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Should I install the Watch Dogs: Legion HD texture pack?

The HD texture pack didn’t make much difference on my hardware, as I’ve been playing Watch Dogs: Legion on pretty middle-of-the-road hardware. However, if you’re planning on playing the game in 4k at maximum settings, it’ll be well worth getting the extra textures installed.

Of course, if you have the space spare, you might as well add the texture pack. It didn’t slow down my game any noticeable amount, so there’s not really a huge downside. Don’t worry if you have no spare hard drive space though - it’s purely optional and the streets of London look lovely regardless.

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