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How to play Stormzy's mission in Watch Dogs: Legion

How to get Stormzy's mission.

Watch Dogs: Legion features grime star Stormzy, not just as a piece of marketing material but as the star of a mission. He’s been a big part of the hype of Watch Dogs: Legion, so fans are obviously excited to find and collab with him in-game. Here’s how to start Stormzy's mission in Watch Dogs: Legion.

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How to find Stormzy in Watch Dogs: Legion

Stormzy can be found through Nowt’s series of missions. She’ll be hanging out in your totally-not-suspicious hideout underneath a pub, just to the right of the main entrance under the stairs. There are a few missions you can be sent on by Nowt, so check back every so often. After going through a few of her requests, you’ll be offered the chance to work with Stormzy, a fact she’s very excited about indeed.

This mission can be started after doing Nowt’s taxi mission at any point in the game from when you complete her introductory missions. I did it about 15 hours into the game, but keep checking on Nowt for the chance to hang out with ‘Mr. Ormzy’, as Bagley calls him.

How to complete Stormzy’s mission

Stormzy’s mission acts as an introduction for his song Rainfall, allowing you to listen to the track while you do the mission. In order to complete the mission, just follow Stormzy’s (and Nowt’s) directions. He’ll want you to head to the London Lens in Lambeth and complete the fairly simple network bypass puzzle around the building. Just move the nodes so the blue line flows through them - you’ve probably already completed a bunch of missions harder than this throughout your travels. Stormzy will give you a speech about taking the power back and letting the rain fall on our enemies, and then you’ll be put in control of a drone while enemies try to kill you.

It’s a shame you can’t watch the show in peace, but you’ll need to fight off opposing drones and ground troops. To make this much easier, press 2 to get out your homing missiles which will lock on to enemy drones and kill them in one or two blasts. You can always take some photos to remember the experience.

After completing the upload and surviving through it, get out of there on foot and Stormzy will thank you and give you a nice new outfit, the one he’s wearing in the fully motion-captured Rainfall music video - a white tracksuit with raindrop decoration on it. Put it on either in your hideout or at a clothes shop anywhere in London.

That’s all for our Watch Dogs: Legion Stormzy guide! After that, you might want to pick up some tech and gadget upgrades, especially if you fancy flying more drones around. You can also check out a list of songs in Watch Dogs: Legion, including another tune from Stormzy and a load of other bangers.

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