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Watch Dogs Legion will let you recruit a deadly beekeeper

Welcome to the DeadSec hive

It seems like one of the best parts of Watch Dogs Legion's whole "play as anyone" thing will be all the wacky different kinds of NPCs you're able to sign on. In a new video, Ubisoft show off a recruitment mission in which DedSec agents help out a beekeeper. Why the heck would you want a beekeeper on your squad? They can shoot out a swarm of nanobees that blast enemies with an electrical discharge, obviously.

Unfortunately the new video doesn't actually show off the bees in action. I know. I'm disappointed to. The DedSec agent meets up with beekeeper Sherry Lewis who needs help destroying some of her old work files that she fears will be used for a secret military project. Sure thing, Sherry, though I really did want to see your swarm out in force.

There are some other fun tidbits in the new recruitment video as well. For one, it sounds like Legion's enemy goons operate on a sort of gentleperson's agreement where combat is concerned. Ubisoft say that if you're up against an enemy fighting you with melee attacks, they won't escalate to using firearms unless you do. Apparently it's a decent way to manage your impact at a scene and control how combat goes down.

To break into the Albion facility, Ubisoft switch to Orpha Molyneux, a "football hooligan" character. Ah yes, you know the type. This one goes in mostly quiet, but they say that hooligans have the ability to summon three of their football mates to help them wreak havoc. After taking down a couple enemies, Orpha uses an AR shroud upgrade to hide bodies from view so bystanders won't alert guards. With that done, Orpha is able to erase Sherry's files from a terminal and make a stealthy escape.

C'mon, Ubisoft. You can't just tell us about the deadly beekeeper and not show us the chaos. Ah well, keep an eye out for your very own beekeeper recruit when you hop into London later this year.

Watch Dogs Legion launches on October 29th for £50/$60 on the the Epic Games Store and Uplay.

We'll likely see more of Watch Dogs Legion and other games in the next Ubisoft Forward show in September.

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