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Screenshot Saturday Mondays: a dinosaur pizza chef, and giant beasts to climb

Admiring indie games from Twitter's weekend screenshot-o-rama

Every weekend, indie devs show off current work on Twitter's #screenshotsaturday tag. And every Monday, I bring you a selection of these snaps and clips. This past weekend was particularly fruitful, so enjoy a bumper-sized edition of Screenshot Saturday Mondays with all manner of cute frogs, stylish ultraviolence, dinosaurs cooking pizza, giant beasts to climb, and chill landscapes to roam.

I could watch the hero of The Milk Lake (coming to Steam) run past things forever, her careful little steps and reaching little arms:

I am extremely, extremely interested in whatever Undertide is:

Delphinium addresses the eternal question:

Cute dinosaurs cooking pizza in Manitas Kitchen (coming to Itch):

Don't know what this is; do really like it:

No idea; it's perfect:

Some kind of... watercolour beat 'em up with a Dark Souls tinge?

Bad vibes from 2D survival horror The Machine That Breathes (coming to Steam, with a demo up now - and do check out the game's site to see the dev's cat, Shodan):

I always liked how the Samorost games mix photos and animation, and I really like Seedlings (coming to Steam) mixing in video:

Lovely trees from Brass Bellow:

Striking giant fungus from a remake of The Witch's Lullaby (psst hey you have a few more days to vote on what's better: character creation building backstory, or giant fungus?):

Test footage of gravity gun ultraviolence from Anomalous (currently in early access on Steam):

In TitanClimb, you will indeed climb titans:

Valorous demonstrates the joys of counter-attacks and fight particles:

Stylish mid-combo character swapping from Genokids (coming to Steam), a hack 'n' slash game about a band saving the world from alien invasion:

This fella in slice-of-life gardening sim The Garden Path (coming to Steam) is very chipper for someone who's had their face cut off:

While we're doing character portraits, here's a cool witch knight:

Sandworms/graboids in Command & Conquer-style real-time strategy game Dying Breed (demo available on its site):

In Cat Corner this week we have a cutie I sorely want to appear in the resulting green-screened footage, maybe brushing against the shin of some monster or another in wizard simulator Hand Of Doom (coming to Steam, early version on Itch now):

And lastly, I could not resist this animation bug from Starshifter (coming to Steam):

What else caught your eye this weekend, reader dear?

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