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Serious Sam's top-down Bogus Detour due in summer


Today on Oh Hey I Forgot This Was Being Made, Cool, Thanks for the Reminder, we have Serious Sam's Bogus Detour [official site]. That's the mega-bang top-down shooter with online co-op from the makers of Hammerwatch, which is a good thing for a game to be. And yup, it looks like it could be a lark in a new trailer released by Devolver Digital to let us know that the game's coming some time early this summer. I look forward to shooting these shots with my shootpals.

As you can see, that there is a fast top-down shooter borrowing monsties and things from Croteam's Serious Sam games. Along with a campaign playable solo or by up to four players, it'll have a survival mode for up to twelve, and various 12-players competitive modes including deathmatch. Bang bang!

You see those guns? You shoot them. You see those monsties? That's what you're shooting at. If you don't shoot them, they'll harm you, so harm them first. Pow pow!

And you betcha it'll have a level editor and mod tools.

Bogus Detour is far from the first Serious Sam spin-off. Other games have included gun-stacking side-scroller Double D, Vlambeer's RPG-y Random Encounter, and... I suppose there are those VR games? I don't know if you'd call them core Serious Sam games. We've heard whispers around a Serious Sam 4 for years but still have no idea when we might get to play it.

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