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Seven: The Days Long Gone returns with an Enhanced Edition this month

And on the eighth day it returned

Stealthy sci-fi action RPG Seven: The Days Long Gone was one of the more curious games of 2017. An unusual blend of genres and some slightly patchy design had our man Alec internally debating whether it was rubbish or brilliant, but skewing towards greatness. The folks at Fool's Theory and IMGN.PRO have apparently been hammering away at the game ever since launch, getting it tuned up for a console release. On March 26th, we get to enjoy the fruits of their labour, as all owners of the game get a free upgrade to the Enhanced Edition, including the delayed Drowned Past expansion. See the re-release trailer below.

Sadly there's no big change-log of what's due in the Enhanced Edition, but Fool's Theory do mention on Steam here that many long-standing bugs have been squashed and feedback has been listened to. I got the game in the December Humble Monthly, and haven't had time to give it more than the most cursory of glances, but I'll be glad to take another, longer look at the game when it re-launches later this month. I've heard a lot of praise for both its environments and movement, letting you stick to the narrow walkways, tightropes and hidden paths of its dilapidated cyberpunk world.

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And here's an older trailer focused exclusively on the new Drowned Past expansion. Early developer estimates are that it adds another seven (go figure) hours of sneaking, stabbing and looting to the game. Not that Seven was a small game to begin with, but best not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

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The expansion adds a bit more of everything. New locations, a new faction to meet, new quests to do and some new baddies to (ideally) avoid. Master thieves tend not to fight giant mechs head-to-head unless they have to. Still, some nice animations on that thing - best stay sneaky unless you want to get that diving shield-bash to the face.

Seven: The Days Long Gone re-launches as the Enhanced Edition on March 26th, and will be a free upgrade to everyone who owns it. You can find the original version along with a free demo here on Steam and GOG. The game costs £28/€30/$30 normally, although I'd wait to see if that changes any with the re-release.

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