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Shadow Gambit and its undead stealth pirates are hitting PC in August

X marks the spot for Mimimi's latest on August 17th

When Mimimi Games announced their latest stealth strategy game Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew back in January, I was pretty darn stoked. You can also imagine my excitement when they said it would be out later this year, too. Not in 2024, or several years down the line, but in the next 12 months. Absolutely my favourite thing in the world, reveals like that. Can't get enough of them. So picture how I must be feeling right now, having just heard Shadow Gambit's actual release date at tonight's PC Gaming Show. Time to mark your calendars, folks. We'll be stealth murdering our way around its Lost Caribbean on August 17th.

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To help tide us over until then (sorry, not sorry), the release date trailer shows off some of the deviously plotted open-ended locations we'll be visiting come August time. We see lead character Afia walking across some rather large chains of her soon to be commandeered ship, the Red Marley, as well as the goon-filled walkways of one of the archipelago's shanty towns, and a heavily fortified (and mysteriously frozen in time) exploded lighthouse to name just a few.

In classic Desperados 3 and Shadow Tactics fashion, you'll be sneaking around enemy sight cones and creeping up behind hapless Inquisition guards as you make your way toward your objectives in Shadow Gambit - which are mostly geared around finding more Black Pearls to revive the rest of your undead crew mates. Of course, if you do happen to get caught (before likely being shot on sight), there's always the tap of the F5 key to quick-load back to your last quick-save. Shadow Gambit encourages heavy use of the quick-save feature, which has now been rolled a bit more naturally into the language of the game, with your Red Marley ship able to 'capture and unleash memories' to help you out.

Happily, the trailer also reveals that Shadow Gambit will be partaking in the next Steam Next Fest, which kicks off on Steam on June 19th. That means you'll be able to sample its piratical sneakery for yourself for a whole week ahead of its release on August 17th. Mimimi tell me the demo will offer around 2-4 hours worth of playtime, too, which is excellent news indeed. What a time to be alive (or, err, not, in Afia's case).

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