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Shock And Rah, Rah, Rah - Call Of Duty: Ghosts Is Real

The moon follows the sun, the early bird gets the worm, the alienated orphan becomes a vigilante superhero, and there is a new Call of Duty. These are all natural processes that feed the cacophonous, utterly meticulous system that is life. Do not fear them, for without their clockwork-like churning, we would simply cease to be. So then, what exactly is Call of Duty: Ghosts? Well, it's not Modern Warfare 4, for one. Infinity Ward's developing again, but this time, it's headed into sorta kinda vaguely new-ish territory I guess. Utterly insubstantial teaser thing (because ghosts, obviously; or the obnoxious, backward-building nature of hype cycles) and a scant few details after the break.

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Gotta say, those other masks were a lot cooler than the cadre of codmen's slapdash Halloween costumes. Then again, I suppose a giant colorful array of super sweet feathers or a full suit of plate armor would make for a rather obvious target. Kinda counterproductive to the whole "ghost" motif. LOOK AT ME I AM HAVING A REAL DISCUSSION ABOUT MASKS IN A VIDEOGAME TRAILER THIS IS MY LIFE.

Anyway. Activision and Infinity Ward are billing Ghosts as an "all-new world, story, characters, and experience," in spite of the fact that these guys definitely look like they're related to Ghost from Modern Warfare. The whole thing will also be powered by a brand new engine, seeing as it'll be attempting to cater to both current and "next-gen" consoles. Obviously, it's coming to PC too, but it probably won't love us very much.

Apparently the real big reveal - like, with an actual videogame and stuff - will be held on May 21st to coincide with the new Xbox coming online (and maybe never going off). Until then, though, we know this much: Ghosts is launching on November 5th, and it'll have men in masks. Will they dance? Will they do a series of hilarious celebrity impressions? Will they battle inner demons in an attempt to accept their own appearances, riddled with scars and shame though they might be?

Oh fine. They'll probably shoot dudes. But can I at least hope that you'll also be able to equip their guns with tiny masks of their own? Is that so much to ask?

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