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Shock: Assassin's Creed III Probably Delayed On PC?

Once upon a time, I believed the dreaded Ubidelay was finally sharing a suffocatingly packed grave with the publisher's other incredibly misguided ideas about how PC releases should work. After all, Far Cry 3's bucking the trend, so I was allowed to hope, right? But alas, Eurogamer's uncovered some rather convincing evidence to the contrary, at least, in the case of Assassin's Creed III. Specifically, our blue, platform-agnostic cousin got its hands on a promotional image that prominently states "PC version out on 23rd November 2012." That puts Connor's eagle-scream haystack dive onto our hard drives roughly a month after the console versions. Boo.

 For now, Ubisoft's playing coy. When reached for comment, it refused to commit to anything, but it also definitely didn't say "no." Instead, a rep merely stated that "the Windows PC release date is still to be announced." Which doesn't bode well, considering that it would've caused much less of a fuss if Ubisoft just said, "No, it's launching day-and-date with the console versions." Unfortunately, no such  voice of reason rang out.

So now we wait, I suppose - both for official word from Ubisoft and for, well, the game. And in the meantime, we wonder why - because, on the list of ways one could potentially curb piracy, this may actually be the most backward and counter-productive. But it keeps happening, because oops I just sighed until my lungs collapsed and now I'm dead.

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