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Skullgirls PC Somehow Actually Happening

The first time we spoke about Skullgirls PC was now well over a year ago. Which is odd, given the ladies-only tag-team fighter wasn't meant to be getting much more than a port. Then an update in February brought news that it was still happening, but had changed developer and had a new spec to add more features. Since then, the source of that post has been removed for unknown reasons. But here we are: Skullgirls is now available to pre-order on Steam, which gives access to the closed beta, before release on August 22nd.

According to the community page patches are hitting thick and fast, including an entire revamp of the games infinite prevention system which stops combos getting out of hand. Since our last check-in with the game, there's been a successful indiegogo to fund DLC development for more characters and stages. This also seems to have allowed some early-early-access to the PC version. Meanwhile, original studio Reverge Labs seem to have dropped off the map after a post in Autumn of last year saying they were no longer involved with Skullgirls development. Creators Alex Ahad and Mike Zaimont, along with a number of other staff, were let go to start the company now working on the game, Lab Zero.

All very odd, but what's important is you can pick up and play Skullsgirls now for £11.99.

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