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Skullgirls Says Yes To Cross-Platform, No To GFWL

Like John, I can't claim to be the world's foremost expert on Skullgirls, as I've yet to do that whole thing with the controllers and flashing images on a screen. So yeah, I'm probably closer to third or fourth. And yet, desert dry as my knowledge reservoirs may be, it's growing into quite the sizable blip on my radar. Granted, while gorgeously animated 2D feats of incredible brutality are an appealing prospect, I'm even more taken with Reverge's dedication to making us PC folks feel like the unique and intimidatingly attractive people that we are.

When asked on Twitter whether or not Skullgirls' PC version will include GFWL, the developer immediately pulled the plug on any chances of Microsoft's barely-even-on-life-support service making an appearance. "We hope to have PS3/PC cross-platform play implemented a few months after the PC version is released... so definitely not GFWL," Reverge said.

On one hand, that's fantastic. The PC community for these sorts of things isn't quite as large or prone to sandpapering their palms to perfect their joystick grips as console players, so cross-platform play ensures we'll never be without a new challenger. But, on the other, it's still just a "hope" right now, and a - given the results of past attempts at similar setups - perhaps a thin one. Granted, having consoles as the primary platform skirts the issue of update certification woes, so perhaps it'll actually work out this time. I don't know. Oh goodness, I can feel myself slipping to world's fifth-most expert on Skullgirls, a game I've never played. Quick, be distracted by this trailer!

Skullgirls will be out sometime later this year.

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