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Skyrim mod gives NPCs the ability to Fus Ro Dah

Will the real Dragonborn please stand up?

As anyone who’s played Bethesda’s fantasy RPG might tell you, it can get lonely being the only Dragonborn in Skyrim. How wonderful, then, that one modder has bestowed upon the denizens of Tamriel’s chillest, chilliest province the ability to use their very own Dragon Shouts. Now any speaking NPC in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim can let rip with a big old Fus Ro Dah and fire you straight into the sky, thanks to the Everyone Is The Dragonborn mod. Truly, egalitarianism in action.

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You can watch guards using their newfound power in the video here. I can see this mod becoming something of an unrelenting farce. Interestingly though, modder hesmick has even given a wee snippet of lore for why everyone is suddenly able to shout. “The Dragonborn is asleep, he’s dreaming the whole thing,” hesmick says. So it’s like Bobby Ewing suddenly appearing alive in the shower on Dallas, or the Bouncer’s dream skit on Neighbours. If you still feel lonely on your travels when you wake up then there’s always the multiplayer Skyrim Together Reborn mod, which lets up to eight Dragonborn hang out together.

An entire land full of people screaming their family, acquaintances, and friendly neighbourhood Dragonborn up into the air is far from the only daft Skyrim mod out there. The Frosty Rusty Mace Of Submission mod for vanilla Skyrim will give your Dragonborn a mace that acts like, well, Mace. The Special Edition mod Projectile Sense grants you a kind of spider-sense for incoming arrows.

Skyrim: Special Edition is on Steam, GOG, the Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store for £35/$40/€40. It’s also included in PC Game Pass. If you fancy sprucing up your copy of the game then why not take a look at Graham’s list of the best Skyrim mods?

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