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Skyrim mod gives your Dragonborn spider-sense for arrows

My knee is tingling!

Being a Dragonborn in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim might have its privileges and accompanying superhuman abilities, but precognitive avoidance of incoming projectiles does not rank among them. Until now, thanks to a Special Edition mod that slows down time when arrows are flying towards your mightily voiced fantasy warrior. Enabling the Projectile Sense – Incoming Arrow & Magic Slows Time mod should give you just enough advance warning to hotfoot it out of the path of any pointy ended sticks that have been loosed and are heading your way.

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Modder ProfJack created the Projectile Sense mod out of frustration with the constant barrage of projectiles Dragonborn seem to attract. There’s also a bit of jealousy aimed at Skyrim’s bandits too, by the sound of it. “It's funny that skyrim bandits all have this supernatural dodge ability when you're shooting at them,” ProfJack says, “and your melee-only Dragonborn always had enough arrows on themselves to supply the whole Whiterun guardian forces.”

Projectile Sense appears as a togglable power in Skyrim: Special Edition once the mod’s activated. The mod had optional cooldown, a stamina and magicka cost, and perk requirement if you want to tone it down somewhat. It’s recommended you pair Projectile Sense with other Skyrim mods that let your Dragonborn dodge or deflect arrows, “for maximum coolness”.I’m not sure it’d be a good combo with the Frosty Rusty Mace Of Submission mod I wrote about recently that lets you scare attackers witless, but you could always give that a go.

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