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Soldat dev’s Butcher gets free demo

Free kills

If you were on the fence about whether you'd enjoy Butcher's [official site] chainsaw-wielding, blood-splattered, ultraviolent take on 2D platforming, then you can now dip your toe into the red pool without paying anything. The game, from Transhuman Design, the developer of Soldat, just got a free demo.

There's also 50% off the full game until Monday, so if you like the free stuff it's only £3.49/4.99€/$4,99 to get the full shooty-bang experience.

As a reminder, Butcher is half gore-fest, half test of your reflexes, with loads of enemies coming at you from all angles. It's the kind of game that asks you to "paint the walls" with permanent blood pixels. And you can paint up to 4 million blood pixels onto the walls per level, apparently. I wonder if anybody's actually counted them?

It's really hard, too: so hard that they had to add an optional easy mode that gave you more health and pickups. They called it W.I.M.P so you should FEEL REALLY BAD ABOUT YOURSELF if you end up needing it. Failing over and over again is definitely way more fun.

I've not played it, but I've heard good things and the Steam reviews are very positive. Plus, Graham played the short, browser-based prototype version back in 2015 and enjoyed it. That version is no longer available, but hey, there's a free demo now instead.

The demo is up on Steam and IndieDB for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Hat tip to cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer for flagging it up.

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