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Soma's new 'Safe Mode' will stop monsters eating you

SEA you later

If you, like me, want so much to experience the undersea existential horror of Soma but you, like me, need to stand up, turn away, and go out for a brisk walk when the first monster lunges at you, there is hope. An official 'Safe Mode' is coming to Soma, which developers Frictional Game say will offer "the chance to explore the story without being eaten by monsters." One seahero has previously made a mod named Wuss Mode which stops monsters from eating your face, but Safe Mode will make your safety official.

Frictional announced Safe Mode alongside a release date for Soma's Xbox One version. That'll launch with Safe Mode included and Frictional say the mode will come to PC in a patch on the same day, December 1st.

I've dropped Frictional a line to ask about how exactly Safe Mode will work. I wonder if they'll do anything different with it. I'll let you know what I hear back.

That mod, first released by 'The Dreamer' in 2015, keeps the monsters in the game but makes them non-hostile. Mostly non-hostile. When they're roaming around levels they won't attack you, but they do still make their terrible noises and chase you (without harming you) during certain sections. Hostile sealife is still present and will still nibble, though it doesn't hurt.

In some ways, the monsters are better when they're not eating you. Their very presence is still DREADFUL and being eaten can become frustrating, which shifts reactions away from fear to irritation.

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Oh, and do check out JP LeBreton's game tourism page if you're looking to remove baddies from more games so you can poke around at your own pace.

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