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Someone piloted a flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator while sitting on the same flight in real life

So whose landing is smoother?

Players do the darndest things—especially when they're also game developers—and this sure is a thing that I feel silly for not seeing from miles off. Rami Ismail of former Vlambeer fame decided to really test out the accuracy of Microsoft Flight Simulator by piloting a flight in game while sitting on the same flight in real life. The future sure has arrived.

Ismail posted his flight's progress, tracking how closely his in-game flight and real flight arrived at certain landmarks on the way to Amsterdam. For the most part, it sounds like the simulation was impressively synced up with real life.

Throughout the flight, Ismail notes that entering and exiting the clouds happened nearly seconds apart in life and in game while even the distance above the clouds while at altitude seemed to match. His in game plane falls about four minutes behind at one point but he eventually manages to land in Amsterdam on screen about four minutes ahead of his real life flight.

You can start from the beginning of Ismail's flight adventure on Twitter here and it really is worth checking out the few videos and images he shows back to back. In more than one instance, I squinted at my own screen only about 95% sure I knew which was the game and which was real life. Stars don't really look like that right? That's definitely the game.

Ismail may not be the first to attempt an in-flight flight but it sure is neat to see documented.

Microsoft Flight Simulator's next update in January will be giving the UK a spitshine. As for other inevitable feats, Twitch has played Flight Simulator and apparently it actually didn't go horribly.


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