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Twitch Plays Microsoft Flight Simulator went surprisingly well

They landed a plane and did a barrel roll, which is more than I can do by myself

Twitch Plays is a strange beast. You'd think that allowing loads of viewers in Twitch chat control all the actions in a video game might be a disaster, and yet the hivemind never seems to disappoint. Twitch chat has tackled Pokémon, (kinda) beat Dark Souls, and they even managed to beat a chess grandmaster at his own game. But now they've taken to the skies in Microsoft Flight Simulator, managing to perform a barrel roll and even land a plane together.

Over the weekend, game developer Rami Ismail of Dutch indie duo Vlambeer (who recently announced they're going their separate ways), held Twitch Plays Microsoft Flight Simulator over on his Twitch channel.

The key to the success of this was probably that the chat wasn't quite as large as your typical Twitch Plays events. Even still, it's no small feat that the viewers managed to pilot a Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner around for an entire hour, with a successful take-off and landing. Sure, there may have been some arguments about whether or not they should just crash the plane, but it all worked out in the end. They even managed a cheeky barrel roll.

Catch the full flight below, if you like. Twitch Plays' journey took them from Košice, Slovakia and back again, and honestly I'm impressed with how organised chat was in getting it done.

Flight Sim has loads more good stuff going on - from players fixing broken monuments with the help of Google maps, to mods that plonk Godzilla in San Francisco Bay.

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