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Somerville releases on November 15th, and will be a Day One Game Pass launch


Developer Jumpship have announced that their dystopian adventure game, Somerville, is coming to PC, Xbox consoles, and Game Pass on November 15th 2022. The news was revealed on Jumpship’s Twitter account with a cryptic logo, and Somerville's mysterious vibe is no accident as it comes from Playdead's former co-founder Dino Patti, who left the studio after shipping creepy side-on platformers Limbo and Inside.

Cover image for YouTube videoSomerville Release Date Trailer

The trailer is sparse, only giving us glimpses at the creepy side-scroller between its logo, but we won't need to wait long before we can experience the full game. In the meantime, Jumpship have been posting concept art from the game the entire month, if you physically can't wait for more.

Sommerville was first announced all the way back in 2017, with Playdead's ex-chief working on the game as a producer. It's since been one of RPS’ most anticipated games. But Somerville has been shrouded in a veil of secrecy for years, as its producer has said he believes “Mystery is important.” All will be revealed in just over two weeks from now.

The game seemingly follows a family on the run from some kind of apocalyptic event. Like the games Patti worked on at Playdead, you’ll be traveling around moody landscapes, only this time, Somerville will experiment with that side-on perspective, and will be full 3D.

Inside has been a personal favourite since release, so I'm excited to see if Patti can hit that energy with an entirely different team. At the very least, Somerville can stand apart from his Playdead work with its family dynamics and more maximilist take on action. Either way, it'll be interesting and I've been looking for a new alien invasion story for a while (if that's what it is). Just, please don't kill the dog!

Somerville will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Game Pass.

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