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Sonic Frontiers shows off seven minutes of open world gameplay

A big world for a fast hedgehog

Sega have released a look at the world and exploration of Sonic Frontiers, giving us a glimpse of just what it might be like to go fast, open world style.

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The video from IGN shows Sonic ascending to the top of some ruins before heading out into Frontiers' open world, which has drawn the inevitable comparisons to Breath of the Wild. Although, as Graham noted after yesterday's much briefer teaser, it's all a bit washed out and grey? Which particularly stands out given the Zelda comparisons, as well as Sonic's own vibrancy in most of the rest of the games.

This particular look focuses on the exploration, showcasing a few of the puzzles used to unlock new, er, frontiers around the map. I'm a big fan of the weird Sonic sized hamster wheel used to power up an area close to the end of the video. I think every open world protagonist should need to run in place for a bit every once in a while. Use this to replace Ubisoft's ubiquitous tower climbing mechanic.

Yesterday's clip did show a scrap of combat, so here's that again in case you missed it and would like to see Sonic juggle some robots.

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IGN say there's more news coming from Sonic Frontiers throughout this month.

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