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Sega announce a Sonic Central for tomorrow showing, you guessed it, Sonic stuff

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Sega are once again hosting another Sonic Central, promising a look at a suite of Sonic projects currently in the works. The live stream will be airing tomorrow on both the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube and Twitch accounts, starting at 4pm BST/ 5pm CEST. "Tune in for a sneak peek of some of our upcoming projects, partnerships and events happening in 2023," reads the announcement post from the official Sonic Twitter account.

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We can almost definitely expect to see Sonic Superstars again, considering it's the only upcoming game in the series. So far it's definitely looking like a title that will satisfy old-school fans, but that doesn't mean our own Ed is one of them.

Elsewhere on the games front there's still more Sonic Frontiers updates to come, like the second update which is meant to introduce Sonic's Birthday, whatever that means. Funnily enough, it actually is his birthday tomorrow, as June 23 is the day the original game launched in the US, so it's probably a safe bet we'll hear something about the next update.

As well as that, Lego also shared on Twitter that you should make sure you "tie up your running shoes," and tune into the Sonic Central stream, teasing some Sonic Lego sets. Sega and Lego announced some new Lego sets earlier this year, which are due to release this August, so it could be just another look at them - though in the teaser that Lego shared, there are brief shots of Lego Sonic tied up with tape covering his mouth, which other than being a bit concerning, is likely teasing something specific.

Of course, there's also the next batch of Sonic Prime episodes that are due to drop this July, so we could always get another look at that. And there's also the Knuckles show, which recently added Christopher Lloyd to its cast.

Sonic Origins Plus is also launching tomorrow, but it seems that the new Game Gear titles that are being included in the release are sounding a bit off.

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