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Sons Of The Forest hotfix adds a much requested hotkey system

Plus some other QoL additions

A player stares at the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Newnight

Survival sequel Sons Of The Forest is doing extremely well, selling 2 million copies in 24 hours. There have been a handful of gripes from players, though, and one of them just got resolved in the latest hotfix. You can now add hotkeys to weapons in your inventory.

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"Added hotkey system for keyboard/mouse. Assign hotkeys in inventory by pressing numerical keys 0 through 9 on hovered items in inventory," says the Steam announcement.

The other changes in the 320MB update are all similar quality-of-life improvements. There's now an "improved cutscene skip prompt", which is important to me, a veteran cutscene skipper. There's also a heavy attack tutorial, and pressing 'Back' (Esc) will now close various menus.

At the time of writing, Sons Of The Forest is the fourth most played game on Steam, and it peaked at 411k concurrent players over the weekend. It was so popular during its first hour of launch that it may have been responsible for some Steam downtime. Folks at RPS have been playing it, too, if you're looking for the best settings to get the best performance or any number of other guides on how to survival its cannibals.

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