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Soon, Voldo and Geralt will meet outside my dreams

Blades as old as time

CD Projekt Red don't have to do much to capture the internet's attention. Remember when they beeped? That was a good day.

Today is also a good day. No beeps or boops or any other sound effects have emerged from the witchy cyberpunkers, but a new chronicle of Geralt's adventures has appeared on the official Witcher twitter feed.

"Kaer Morhen’s old stones have witnessed many battles... Once more they'll feel the sting of sparks as blades collide... Check back tomorrow."

What could it mean? Well, it probably refers to an official Soul Calibur reveal. It almost definitely does.

I wasn't here when my colleagues decided it'd be fun to speculate about Soul Calibur characters. I'd have suggested Gordon Freeman, simply to steel myself against the eventual dismay that I feel when the Soul Calibur Steam page goes live, complete with crowbar and HEV suit DLC. Not that I really care. Darth Vader and Link appeared in Soul Calibur back in the day, and I really enjoyed making Voldo grind his claws and crotch against their faces. It's always fun to see your fan-fiction coming to life.

And I'll grind my Voldo against Geralt as well. Nobody will be able to stop me. It'll be reality soon, that wild dance that transcends history and the world, because if tomorrow's reveal isn't a Soul Calibur cameo from the old white wolf, I'll slap on a wig, head down to the local dungeon and re-enact the damn scene myself. They've got a very good Voldo on staff.

The wording doesn't quite match the gleeful exuberance of the Soul Calibur announcers, who says things like, "A hero desires a sword, and a sword desires truth", but those colliding blades and the idea of battles reborn is in keeping with Soul Calibur's tone. Geralt, then, and a Kaer Morhen stage. That'll do it.

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