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Soulier Than Thou: Dragon Age - Inquisition


Dragon Age: Inquisition's new trailer makes me think that Bioware's blood and (b)romance fantasy series has noticed the brooding character standing at the other side of the RPG battlefield. The veteran of a thousand deaths stares back, scars criss-crossing every inch of its face, nostrils included, and then rolls backwards out of the door. Dragon Age looks on enviously. It wants to have cool scars a well - it's the scars, right? Chicks love the scars - and it wants people to notice when it rolls into a room. That, presumably, is why the E3 video caused me to react with a raised eyebrow and a murmur of "Soul-y shit".

Returning characters? NO DOUBT. Doomed staggering warriors with a backdrop of flames and ash? YES SIR. Sombre music? AYE AYE CAP'N.

A party of adventurers who run through the wilderness, their animations perfectly in sync with one another? OH SHIT YES.

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