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Sow Your Seeds: Farming Simulator 17 Released

Dig your own hole

I do like that PC gaming now has a spectrum of imaginary farming from Stardew Valley to Farming Simulator 17 [official site]. If have lazy daydreams about a magical new life in the country as a farmer/explorer/lover, look to Stardew. If names like Massey Fergy send a chill down your spine and you dream of ploughing perfect furrows, yeah, it's Farm Sim for you. The latest version launched last night, bringing more simulated agriculture with ploughing, planting, harvesting, transporting, and dicking about racing harvesters through town with your pals in multiplayer.

As ever, Farming Simulator 17 is... simulated farming, yeah? You drive vehicles, buy and sell seeds and crops, grow things, harvest things, keep animals, and... all that farm stuff, yeah? It's not super mega hardcore serious and will always be a bit janky but if you want sim-y farming, I understand it's one of the best options. Please do correct me if I'm wrong there. Our John is currently playing Farm Sim 17 and will share some thoughts in a bit, though last I heard he was ploughing rude words into a field of wheat so we'll have to see about that.

What's new since Farming Sim 15? A new North American landscape, driveable trains to transport cargo, the option to play as a female farmer, new soy bean and sunflower crops to grow, pigs to keep, extra prettiness, and new brands of vehicles and equipment.

Farming Simulator 17 is £29.99/34,99€/$34.99 on Steam for Windows and Mac. Do enjoy the chilled vibe of this launch trailer:

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