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Space sim Rebel Galaxy Outlaw launches on Steam in September

Secure the cargo and prepare to launch

Space cowboy trucker simulation Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has been off the radar for a bit but they've blipped back into existence. Strap into the cockpit and get ready for some more hauls. Double Damage Games have announced that the game will be launching on Steam and consoles on September 22nd.

"We know it hasn’t been fun waiting—it hasn’t been fun for us, it definitely hasn’t been fun for you," Double Damage say. "There’s been a lot of things happening behind the scenes we’re not able to really elaborate upon, but know we have been pounding away on all the things needed to launch a title on consoles." According to the rest of their announcement post, it sounds like a combination of Covid-19 pandemic problems and personal matters have exacerbated the process.

According to the RPS hivemind, it'll have been worth the wait if you were looking forward to a Steam version. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is one of the best space games on PC. "Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is that rare space sim that manages to capture the thrill and wonder of exploring a star system without wildly over-promising on what to expect," say we all. "It may only be set in a single region of space with 40-odd star systems to peruse, but within those limited confines is a game packed with dogfights, bounty hunts, underhand deals and fraught delivery runs."

On top of that, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has a clever targeting system, an inventive auto-pursuit system for spaceship combat, and a main character that's actually worth getting attached to.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is already available on the Epic Games Store but you can now find it on Steam where it will be available on September 22nd. It will launch on PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch on the same day.

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