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Spelunky 2 aiming for PC release in October

No need to go spelunking for that date

There was a bit of mumblin' and grumblin' when long-awaited Spelunky 2 got a PS4 release date announced without mention of a PC date. The bad news is there's still no date. The good news is that Mossmouth have given their goals for a timeframe and hey—it's soon! Spelunky 2 may be emerging on PC in October.

Developer Derek Yu shared the Steam page for Spelunky 2 which is now up for you to gawk at. He also expanded on the original "shortly after PS4" launch estimate given last week to say Mossmouth are "aiming to get the game out on Steam no later than a few weeks after our September 15th PS4 launch date." If I've counted my fingers properly, that works out to sometime in October for standard interpretations of "few".

"We are taking the extra time to make sure that Spelunky 2 runs well on PC," Yu says. "That includes testing online multiplayer, but it's not the only thing we'll be busy with. We're working hard to make sure the two release dates are as close as possible!"

You can rewatch that new trailer up above to remind yourself some of the new bits coming to the sequel. There are mounts like yon turkey up above. There are more areas, monsters, and items. There are new NPCs to anger with reckless application of weapons.

For my money, the new hub area between runs sounds like the best part. Yeah, I know, that's not like, the actual game. I just really appreciate a nice cozy hub. Mossmouth say you'll be able to build a permanent home at the Base Camp where "characters you unlock will mill about and relax between runs, offering encouragement and advice." See? Cozy. You'll also be able to use Base Camp to access shortcuts and practice your jukes in a low-pressure environment.

You can find and wishlist Spelunky 2 over on its Steam page until it releases, well, sometime in October hopefully.

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