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Spiritfarer is getting new spirit friends in 2021

Development roadmap lays out three free updates to come

Spiritfarer, the cosy game about death, is getting three free updates in 2021. As explained in a development roadmap shared by its team, the updates should land in spring, summer and autumn, and will add new spirits, more story, and new buildings and locations. Come check out the cute as heck new spirits below.

It's tending to the needs of the characters that is the driving force beind everything you do in Spiritfarer, so let's focus on those. Or, really, let's focus on Lily:

"As Stella is getting more familiar with the job of Spiritfaring, she starts to uncover some of her memories, which are starting to blossom as wondrous flowers over her cabin," says the update post. "These flowers house butterflies that roost to form our new spirit friend : Lily, Stella’s younger sister."

Lily is going to be added to the game in the spring update, alongside some enhancement to the game's co-op. The summer update will add Beverly, an owl in a fetching scarf, and the autumn update will add Jackie and Daria, two spirits you meet on a new island "that houses a run-down hospital." They are caretaker and patient, respectively.

Spiritfarer was one of our favourite games from 2020, with Alice writing in her Spiritfarer review that, "Ultimately, everything in Spiritfarer is ... measured, thought out, detailed, kind. It has intent, from top to bottom. Even the weather feels like it has intent, the cycle of the day and night, the routines you get into. They way your friends leave you, sometimes in ways that will surprise you. Spiritfarer will probably make you very very sad, but it even does that in a kind way."

Each of 2021's planned updates sounds substantial, and as a set, it's a lot of stuff to get for free. Another kindness, perhaps.

You can currently pick up Spiritfarer for 25% off in the Steam lunar sale.

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