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Spiritfarer's final update is out now, adding two new spirits

Farewell Edition

Back in February, Spiritfarer developers Thunder Lotus announced a roadmap of updates for 2021. Today, the last of those was released with the addition of spirit pals Jackie and Daria to the game. With them came another announcement: this is the cosy management game's final update, and its developers are moving onto new things.

Cover image for YouTube videoSpiritfarer Jackie & Daria Update Trailer (ESRB)

As part of the update, the base game has been renamed Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition, containing the latest and all previous additional content.

This final update adds two new spirits you can bring aboard your boat (and carry towards their end): Jackie the Hyena and Daria the Bat. Jackie is a caretaker of a rundown hospital, and Daria is his "most notable patient." Thunder Lotus put out a trailer for Jackie and Daria last week, seen above, which shows the characters as well as the new Overbrook island and what I'm guessing is the new event, called "Mind Palace."

Thunder Lotus also created a new trailer for the Farewell Edition, in which they reveal that Spiritfarer has now sold a million copies:

Cover image for YouTube videoSpiritfarer: Farewell Edition Trailer (ESRB)

If you haven't played Spiritfarer, you should. Alice B loved it in her review, even as it made her sad, praising it for being "measured, thought out, detailed, kind."

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