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Spy & Pyro: A Love Story

Worried about our slow news day (is it?) Dan Dixon alerted us to a TF2 themed video of quite remarkable quality. And so we now present it to you, below. It's by Andrew Kepple, and Flash animates a tale of love between the Spy and the Pyro. Along the way there's about 400 references to various games and cartoons, along with some fantastic animation that's clearly inspired by John Kricfalusi.

The only shame is the clicking and popping of the audio throughout. (And the brief appearance of Yakety Sax, if, like me, the tune now just makes you want to get up and leave a room.) Otherwise this is absolutely packed with gags and ideas, with a final punchline that deserves both a cheer and a boo. Sure, it's a couple of days after Valentine's now, but that's no reason not to enjoy the love between red and blue, Pyro and Spy.

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